Friday, February 24, 2012


This blog is complete for now as it is, I have moved onto my next project, poetry, same sharp edge as ever/ Come join me?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dissing Round the World Part I

I’m the terrible
Tormentor of rappers
I’ve looked you in the eyes
I’m Shang Tsung
I've looked into your Souls
You Are Mine!

You underestimate my abilities
Allow a poet to redefine serious
Well, hell, I'll just ring the bell
I ain't in it for the wealth
I came here just  to antagonize you guys
With philosophical Ph. D. level rhymes
But look at the time
See truth is, I'm too damn poor to afford a mic
But I can still write
Got that? That's the 11th & 19th
Freedoms & Rights
A little history lesson for my foes
So now I'm gonna battle!
I'mma diss you with your own flows
Name of the game homie
That's just how it goes
First let’s take
Compton born
No imitatin'
You know we talkin'
Doctorrrrrrrrr Dre

“I’m an old man from
Back in the day
I went from poor to
Too much money to count in a day
Now, like my hair, all my platinum albums
Have turned grey
I drive a blinged Hummer
To compensate
 I’m a gangster
For as long as I’m on
That’s a five minute record
Viagra you bastards
It's a medical condition
Goddamnit Marshall stop laughing!
Please buy my Beats
Or something from HP
I own stock & Wall is the only street for me
I repeat verses over and over
Quick as a whip
Cause you know I have to question myself
The meaning of my existence but then I'm cool so
Wait a damn minute & put some kush up in  it
Why is there WHITE lint on my black sweater
The hayday is gone? What? I missed it?

You know that verse
Has done went spinning & left me dizzy
So now I’ll go up North 'eh?
& diss on Drizzy, UH!!

“Snap, I'm fabulous fool
Better hand dry clean my suit
I keep repeating my birth month
Like I got Parkinson’s disease
I’m a thug at least in Toronto
Detroit? Don't all those poor people live there?
Wait, I'm not fake! I did run when I was placed under arrest
I hid under the leaves until I saw a Benz
I figured even if the car stalls
You take the fall baby & I'll send you some bail money!
I never worry about being shot
As long as I can run faster than Rick Ross
What you think I keep him around for?
I overdosed on valium so I rap
Like a
"80 year old white man driving in the snow"
Oh no you didn't!
I'm afraid to fight still
I sneer at the mic
Like I’mma throw elbows
I woulda fucked that girl all night
But my mom’s still got me
Locked down on curfew
I got my cherry popped
Backstage at Degrassi
Actually that was the closest I ever been to Coke
If I was any realer
You'd see my strings show
If your black got any lighter
I'd question your parentage
Matter of fact dawg I got one word for Drake

Now that you're attention
Is right where it belongs
Locked down on me
Wait, is that a brainstorming rain-shower?
I can smell the Weed Train
Like it's fueled by resin
Lil' Wayne in ALL his glory
Let's prove that little can be amazing

“First go I go click
Um now I exhale
Cough up a lung
Cancer's a bitch
I smoke weed, that’s kush
Bitch, can’t you tell?
It's all to sell more records
Honestly, in all these years
I’ve yet to rap ten seconds
I just start talking
& they put cash in my purse
I get equal hard-ons from bank vaults and mini skirts
I've got more handguns
Than the world's got fake bitches
But I love 'em all cause honestly I'm sensitive 
I wear skinny jeans
Cause I’m really a nerd
I'm all about my business
If I could remember what my business was
It's time I admit iit!
I zoned out during Family Matters
They put me in some suspenders
Walk out & look in a damn mirror 
I’m really just Steve Urkel in disguise”

Now for the great underdog
Mighty Mouse himself
The never quite together
 Marshall Mathers!
“My brain is chronically deranged
That means fucked up for all you drop outs
Why'd you quit school? Cause I told you to?
You didn't make it to the metaphor part did you?
I've got some kind of brain damage 
From all the times my, drugged up mother
Hit my head, tits bouncing like balloons
From headboard to headboard
While I was in the womb no less
My thoughts are so twisted
After all these years
Finally, I’m not afraid to admit it
When I was young; I broke into my room 
I climbed into my crib & molested myself
God please forgive me, I know not what I do
I took up rap
Cause the Boy Scouts
Said they was full
Aww man
I cheat when I write raps
I use a thesaurus
I found on a shelf 
If Dre hadn’t found me
I’d be a truck driving half drunken tourist
In cowboy boots
Shooting pool
I’d be good at it too
With eight divorces
Countless warrants from
Unpaid child support
My obituary states
I was shot in the dark
Drunk while jacking off
Under a teenage
Cheerleader's porch
But what they don't know
Is that I was trying to get caught
It's safer in Prison, don't believe me?
Bitch, have you MET Ms. Mathers?”

So how to top that wicked, wicked show
The only place to go from here
Is to the Hustler, of the north eastern tier
Diamonds up, so here we go
“I’m so rich
Yet so Brooklyn
While they throwing up diamonds
I can’t help but pickpocket my fans
I wear a Yankees cap but
I buy my socks in Boston 
I sign checks with a red pen
Vices? I’ve gone straight
Except for that one drunk night
With Kanye West
I thought it meant something
Bitch never called me back
In fact, the only thing
He called me was Taylor Swift in the sack
Truthfully I still sling crack
I pay people to buy my albums
So the Feds think I rap
I own more stocks than Warren Buffett
I pay lip service to the streets
But I live in a penthouse above it
I’ve got more real-estate
Than most states have counties
I still got 99 problems left
But since I got married
I’ve gained thirty-five pounds at least
Now that’s HAM for ya
When I go blank
I just rhyme HOVA
No bullets left in my plastic Glock
Only my wallets loaded"

Ya'll know I love ya'll though right? Best be glad I wrote this instead of T.I. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Maybe the Lord will offer forgiveness; I’m coming from the back of the pack
Sneak attack & they ain't gonna know what hit 'em
Life is simple staring down a telescopic sight attached to a mic
Either your voice shakes or your heart beats steady
Flow magnificently like I’m possessed by a pissed off thesaurus
When you’re facing a lyrical Tyrannosaurus
All your friends’ll be donating black roses from the florist
Got this maniacal vibe from a dying poet in the heart of the forest
If you can’t find your jaw you might wanna check the floor cause
I ain’t backing down this time, not stopping this beat, not shortening the rhyme
That said it’s one shot so if this is my time I’m gonna supernova, ain’t interested in shining
While talking down making weak lines about whining and dining
If your whole flow was cold you couldn’t freeze the content of a tea cup
Never be content, never quit raging, never step out of the spotlight, force someone to take it
I don’t want to be famous, I want a Bloody Mary/Beetlejuice/Charles Manson infamous
Turn off the lights, say it six hundred and sixty six times, just long enough for me to conquer France
A rap genius can insult you in one sentence in three languages “Vous êtes rührend sie prätenders”

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I just let loose

Happy, Happy
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Let it rain\Let it snow\ Let it be said he’s held back
Let me be a Beast up on this Beat
No more vicariousness
Now he’s spittin’
Hypnotic & exotic
Wrapping these syllables around
Your twisted tonsils
While I’m playing Arkham City on my console
So what?
I just want you to know that the mind is equal to the task proposed
Spar with a ferocious Iorek Byrnison bear
I’ll out pace you quick as a Salamandastron Hare
If I can do it in rhyme you know I can do it & Shine
I’m a Tesla coil coming unwound I’m in the zone
I’m furiously capable of performing a double endzone touchdown
Is Saint Nick Touched by a Higher Power?
Whiter Tiger ain’t a coward
Hasn’t been hiding, he’s been preparing to unleash his Army
No uniforms, no flags, no identifying marks at all
The resistance is living inside your head
Freedom, Liberty, Truth, & Justice
What else can be said except for
Turning water into wine
Breaking this bread
Have you heard a single word I’ve said?
Still in shock aren’t ya?
Straight outta Revelations some kinda monster
If you want this Nick to come you better be a prophet
Watching time as it reverses
Now I know I spooked you
So I’mma end this quick
Save it for when you’re face to face
Remember I a veteran of the
War for my Heart

Thursday, December 15, 2011

All Included

Times got worse
Then times got harder
Whole generation with
Afghanistan & Iraq sized chips
On our shoulders
YMCA, Mercy Mission, VA, Red Cross
All brother's and sister's trying to cure
The mental anguish of our Soldiers
So how is it that we stand tall with
Twin Tower's sized
Holes in our hearts?
Combined with a
15 trillion dollar debt
Where do we start? 
Occupy shouldn't be a surprise
With homeless walking sidewalks
Cracking from the frost
Right beside corporate offices furnished in soft
Satin sofas & Fur coats
Crafted from dead animals
The hungry surrounded by Supermarkets
A Wal-Mart Christmas & an iPad
Sold by an underpaid cashier working for the minimum
That's over a full day of pay for a single gift
You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes
To solve the mystery
Giant corporate profits causing all of our misery

I guess it's okay if you use your
Overtime pay for the wrappings
I learned this from
Tupac & Marshall
How to use this rap gift
To point out the injustices
My vocal cords are finally warmed up
My thoughts are fully overloaded
The economy’s collapsed
So while there's still no jobs 
Illegal Drugs are still available 
& Tax dollars fund rehab
Clinics for chronic sex addicts
Woe unto us
Fore these are the least of our problems
If this Lion was to roar
Our whole foundation would crumble

We’re a slave class working for our
International Conglomerated Masters
We’re all on a slave ship
Rowing oars at the bottom
With Court Jesters above singing hymnals
How great it is when you can join ‘em
It’s the Capitalist lie
You are fed the distraction
The truth they fear is that
Every damn one of us can make
An impact
Now I’m here to freely blog these points
Could be you I see on the corner selling joints
But respect for my history & family
I've risen above misogyny 
I ain’t had enough
I was the first American Outlaw
I can out Jessey James all ya’ll
& quote Shakespeare in this joint
From women's eyes this doctrine I derive:
They sparkle still the right Promethean fire
The question of existence
Multiverse theory is a little drop
Of man's imaginative magic 
In a raging Ocean of Ignorance
So for ya’ll reading this song
None of us are here forever
So you better live strong!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The verses keep coming

Well I’ve been waiting
Down this old dirt road
Waiting for a rhythm 
Just to free my soul
I found my salvation
Down in the depths of
Rock & Roll
Elvis taught me how to stand
Johnny Cash taught me how to mourn
& Lynyard Skynyard taught me how to be a simple man
I’ve rafted rivers with Huck Finn
I’ve stood on the beaches of Normandy with dead men
I’ve lived every minute of history
Every single second of my life
God didn’t send me to be placid or content
He said that’s my revolutionary son
He’s gonna be the first of many
In fact, he’ll be the many in one
With the soul of Shakespeare, Hemmingway, and Jefferson
Here to liberate your minds, your hearts, & your thoughts
We all march to the beat of our own drum
I just march a step ahead of everyone else
I go first, I take the weight
I can bear the pain
Momma raised a solider
But she never meant to
All these lies and distractions
I’m through playing with your
Lying maniacal contraptions
I’m here to stare you down
I have no limits, I have no fears
I won’t back down, I won’t shed tears
For Liberty & Truth
Justice, Wisdom, & Love
I couldn’t be a father so I’m everyone’s son
I am all your Uncle Nick’s
I’m the warm sunshine when your heart is sick
I’m the breeze on the beach, the wind on your cheek
I form a million thoughts a minute so my time ain’t cheap
I was sent for a purpose, I was sent for a cause
I was sent to carry the torch for a while
One generation right onto the next
If you haven’t been paying attention you better learn quick
This is our Fight, this is our War
This is everything that we would die for
In your minds and your hearts
Once the Revolution starts, it’ll never be stopped 

You know....

I've often been told about my rampant abuse of Facebook. Which I can admit to, I think one day there was something like 30 posts in one day? Way too much. So I am going to try a different tactic, this way, no one has to feel obligated to read my opinions, if you want them, you can find them right here.


Celebrity Boxing Match: The White Tiger Vs. Marshall Mathers for 50,000,000 to go to Saint Jude's Hospital

Friday, December 9, 2011

Here we go

Look man
I'mma writer not a rapper
I don't joust at castle walls
I hire a group of sappers
Not faded baby I'm eternal
No Strange Clouds bitch
I'm clear eyed & sober
Don't make me take it there
Don't make me go for family
It's already raining Hail
In a comet's wake
I'm an Emerald
Don't make me Jaded
You're pushing boy
I've already sold my soul
You're facing
Hemingway's Ghost
You will lose
That which you cherish most

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Early Christmas Present; response for Things Get Worse & Others

Man, ya'lls lyrics are improving, I will give you that, now let's play
Follow the Leader, give it time, it'll sink in. 

So I see you boys have stepped to it
Now that the rap game has blown up
This is Intergalactic Rap Battles
Were stuck on this Track
Fuck it boys
Let’s call em
The Star Wars
Five lines & damn
Cops already on my contrail
The Charges are in
Copyright infringement?
Now wait a goddamn minute
All the things I’ve done
You’re gonna call me on this one?
Find Lucas when I’m bonded
Implant a little C4 in his dresser drawer
Film him while he takes it In his wormhole
By a man dressed up as Jar-Jar
Looks like I found a third way
To blow up a bloated Death Star
How can I explain to my kids that
Darth Vader was a whiny Anakin
Who took it in the rosebud?
Sorry kids I just went crazy for a minute
Better save yourselves!
Cause I’m about to play
Armageddon Rap
Better bring forth
Everything you’ve held back
No more time to waste a track
It’s the Cell Game Olympics
All the losers die, so you better be a winner
I’m gonna drop these verbal bombs
Gonna make your brain freeze
20 million years later
You’ll still be standing here
Staring at me, I’ll smile at you
What do I look like?
A penguin tap dancing on a Igloo
Those are nice steps
But I’m on the escalator
I’m the Tower of Terror boy
I wouldn’t take the Elevator
See you at the top you chumps
This flow is so twisted
I just might do it
Grab a peach pretzel &
Go Bowzer on your princess
That’s kidnapped
Actually she’s eighteen
I guess that makes it
Bitch snatched
Total Recall, naw, can’t have that
Let’s cool off
Of Koi ponds
Large breasted Asian submissives
Speaking of the Orient
How strong is your
Lyrical Kung-Fu?
Come on man, let’s go Matrix
Tap the Holy Trinity
In your dreams
If I’m Neo then I guess
That makes you Agent Shady?
Let’s throw out the script
Both take this World over!
Take a bow man, take a crown
Caesar Shady, got a nice ring I must say
Is that a dagger? Et Tu Brute?
Blood on the carpet
I guess that’s just the nature of the heartless
Is it on now? Are you awe struck?
I told you I wouldn’t go down in defeat
Even though you teamed up with
Yelawolf, B.O.B, & T.I.P
I don’t need a crew
I’m Tony Stark
I’ll build my army out of spare parts
Car batteries, jumper cables, & graveyards!
Is it done, is it finished?
Am I inside your head?
I’ll keep tormenting you
As Saint Nicholas the Vicious
 With his
Lyrical Miracles
I just wanna see if you can
Finally let go and write something
Cleverer than me!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank you

For a while there after my life went to hell this was my only outlet, and I don't have posted even half the material I wrote during those times, but it brought me through it, when I had nothing left, nothing at all, these lyrics, beats, words, & poems found me. I don't know why it exists, but it does, maybe the right person will find it one day and it will change their life for the better, I don't know, but I can hope. I still write, mostly poetry now, that rage and anger is mostly gone, but you never know, life has a way of bringing back the past. Thank you for all of your support over the years, love all of you, when the storms were at their worst, you were at your best. :)
Love, Nick

Monday, October 3, 2011

Airplanes Part III

This is a verse written around the song Airplanes by BOB and Bruno Mars
Airplanes Part III
Okay so now
You have the man
Wondering what’s
Going on
In-side his head
He takes you
Through his struggles
Like it means
Nothing to him
Wishing he was normal
Is he so different?
He writes about failures
About heartbreak and sin
Sticks his foot
In his mouth
Again and again
He rages
And he battles
Like he’s a whirlwind
A tempest in the making
His teachers and mother
Can't do nothing with him
Poseidon with a trident
He let’s loose
The Zeus level lightning within
Back from the war
He lost in the end
Back from the bitterness
Back from just surviving
Wants to change the world
Now where to begin?
Back to the headphones
With a pad and a pen
He can't save himself

Can we pretend
That Airplanes
In the midnight sky?
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now) (wish right now)
Can we pretend that Airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now) (wish right now)

Stumbling over verses
Speaking in riddles
Sleep walking
Dream talking in tongues
With a blank page
He spits venom while
He curses his fate
Such a tragedy he thinks
Never takes the time
To appreciate
All that he has
A mother that prays
A brother that believes
A Pop who stood amazed
Glad his suffering
Finally came to an end
A couple dozen
Cousins and friends
Who would fight
Right down
To the very last man
So, maybe now
Its time for
Less self loathing
And some honesty here
Ready to clear his conscience
And clear the air
In love? Yes
We were right there
In for a penny
In for a pound
But I was lost
Caught in a rut
My head was down
The fire was out
First I stopped dreaming
Then I stopped believing
She was talking
I just wasn’t listening
It wasn't just love
I got the honor of
Marrying my best friend
I shoulda opened up
And just let you in
I coulda tried a little harder
Maybe been a father
Now that it's gone
All I've got left
Is to sing this song

Can we pretend that Airplanes
In the midnight sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now) (wish right now)
Can we pretend that Airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now) (wish right now)

I swear I didn’t see it
And I wish that I had
Hope she knows the truth
And can try to forgive
So Shana, I understand
You were forced
To play your last hand
The caution lights were flashing
But my blinders were strong
This plane was going down
She probably saved my life
By crashing on takeoff
While we were on the ground
If she had waited
I wouldn’t be here
To wish at all
Only you were equipped
To pull a Nick and
White Knight me in the end
I owe you everything
So I’m sending this wish
Your way baby girl
Cause’ wherever you are
Know that you earned it
I wish your feet
Are always covered
And your bed
Is never cold
Your heart is never empty
And your fridge
Is always full
Yeah, I wish that
The sun keeps on shining
And the clocks
Keep on ticking
Cy sleeps through the night
And your world
Keeps on spinning
Whatever your sins
They’re forgiven
You dance in the rain
Like you were ten
You move forward
With your life
You can ride
In a convertible and
One early March morning
You see that road
And keep on driving
Looking at your baby
Laughing and smiling
We both have our scars
May have been the losing side
But it wasn't the wrong one
So the next time
You look into the sky
I hope you think of me and

Can we pretend that Airplanes
In the midnight sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now) (wish right now)
Can we pretend that Airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now) (wish right now)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My country

Once upon a time
I sit down to write a song
I didn’t know the words in advance
So I made them up as I went along

They say the world out there is cruel
Full of broken hopes and shattered dreams
In a place like that, it’s no wonder
That the hope is gone
See, me, I’ve always had a crutch
Never could write a country song
But don’t you know when I read
These words I think about the
Trees and the fields and clouds and the bulls
Fishing under an old shade tree
Country is the only life for
That’s exactly what it seems
No need of secrets down around here
But we’ll never tell if you don’t want us to

Nothing quite like
Bait, hook, snap, sizzle
Country life is where it’s at
Nothing like meat on the grill
The air’s free
The scenery as well
If you need a drink of water
Just dig a well
I’ve already warned ‘ya
About kiss & tell
The worst curse around here
Is Go to Hell
If you try hard you might do well
If you’re not too busy
Sit and talk a spell
Folks round here
Always say they’re doing well
Through flood, fire, feast, famine
Marriages, divorces, cancer, death
Still throw up a hand smiling
Farmer country
Life the way it was meant to be
Twelve pack of Miller & a cane pole
Church, friends, and family
White clouds, blue sky
Debatin’ life’s mysteries
Over Jack Daniels Whiskey
Pluck a string, sing a song
Girl now don’t you blush
Everyone sings off key
One of a kind as were supposed to be
I just sit back
Cradling all these memories
Nothing I’ve lost
Compares to what I’ve found
Man to man
Dust to dust
We all got common ground on this Earth

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ford taglines

"Every day is an adventure when you're born an Explorer." © Nicholas Brent Byrd 2011
"Live free & ride the wind." © Nicholas Brent Byrd 2011